Cabramatta Office:
Add: Suite 2/182 Cabramatta Rd, Cabramatta NSW 2166
Tel: (02) 9723 7777 - Fax: (02) 9723 2666
Prestons Office:
Add: 76 Minnamurra Cct, Prestons NSW 2170
Tel: (02) 8783 6888
About Us

GOLDSTAR was established in 2000 with first office in Fairfield. After over ten years with experiences for properties services, we expand our services and opened other three additional offices located in Bankstown & Cabramatta and Prestons. GOLDSTAR REAL ESTATE manages a group of highly experienced, enthusiastic professionals who lead in their fields in residential, commercial/industrial sales, leasing and management. At GOLDSTAR, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional levels of services and advices. Call us now on (02) 9723 7777 (Cabramatta) (02) 8783 6888 (Prestons) for a FREE MARKET APPRAISAL!!!

Goldstar Real Estate Cabramatta

Suite 2/182 Cabramatta Rd, Cabramatta NSW 2166 Tel: (02) 9723 7777 

Goldstar Real Estate Prestons

76 Minnamurra Circuit Prestons NSW 2170 Tel: (02) 8783 6888



Tuan Pham
Licensed Real Estate & Business Agent

Licence No. 1296013
Mob: 0419 678 333

Tuan Pham has been in real estate for more than twelve years. During his time, he has accomplished what most real estate sales people could only dream to achieve. Today, Tuan Pham is a registered Licensed Real Estate & Business Agent. He is personally committed to develop and support Goldstar Sales team to be honest and hard-working. Moreover, he is experienced in helping the team to serve the cultural diversity and community needs of the Western area.

With many years of experience in real estate at all levels including sale of large residential sites including townhouse, villa, unit, and commercial property, Tuan Pham is not afraid of change or technology, he is always looking for systems, processes, and techniques which can help his staff better service the real estate needs.


Huy Hoang Tran
Principal / Licensed Real Estate Agent

Licence No. 1241240

Goldstar Real Estate Cabramatta 


Mob: 0415 517 777

About Huy Tran

Huy entered the Real Estate industry for over 12 years, Huy also worked in financial, an industry where customer service and satisfaction are paramount.

With twleve years in customer services, Huy has really come to understand how important it is to listen to his clients and assist them in achieving their needs and goals.

Huy is Licensee in charge for Cabramatta Office.




Chanh Kien Kha
Sales Consultant

Licence No. 1258736

Mob: 0402 962 609

About Kien Kha
Kien KHA is a motivated Sales Consultant, attract many clients over the years and they keep coming back to him because of his outstanding results. He willing to learn and exceed customer expectations is a valuable asset to both our team and clients.

Kien also speaks Chinese, Vietnamese, and English.


Cong Binh Pham
Sales Consultant

Licence No. 03281567

Mob: 0401 400 010

About Cong Binh
Cong is a highly motivated individual with strong & teamwork. He is willing to learn to succeed in the Real Estate Industry.

Joined with our Sales Team at Cabramatta, the most important to Cong is providing excellence service to ensure that his clients happy.

Cong is looking forward to a long and successful career in Real Estate.


Han Trang Phạm
Sales Executive

Licensee In Charge Prestons Office

Licence No. 20118008

Mob: 0488 888 138

About Han Trang
Han is starting her property career over 5 years as a Sales Representative at Goldstar Real Estate Cabramatta.

She is now Licensed Real Estate Agent and Principal for Prestons office.

She has enthusiastic personality, team work, lived in the Western area so she has a strong affinity to the area and a great understanding of the market.

Experience & extensive network of buyers, Han approach to reflect the needs of every client and every property’s strengths creates a powerful platform to achieve the outcome result.


Jodie Nguyen
Sales Representative

Licence No. 03038775

Mob: 0433 818 179

About Jodie
Jodie is a valued member of our Property Management team at Goldstar Real Estate Cabramatta. She has developed the high skills of customer service and keen to look after her clients. This has helped her to gain a high level of experience and knowledge of the industry. Jodie joined Real Estate field for over 8 years, she now is working with Sales Department also. As experience from Management Team, Jodie now has more skill to do best services to her Sales customer.


Senad Masic
Sales Consultant

Licence No. 20122342

Mob: 0414 411 153

About Senad
Senad is a dedicated Real Estate agent who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. Senad sold more than 700 properties and speaks many languages including Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Italian and English. Clients have continuously come back to him because of the outstanding results he has shown through his expert, professional and courteous service.


Thanh Long Doan
Sales Representative

Licence No. 03241318

Mob: 0401 041 495

About Thanh Long
Thanh Long works with strong determination to provide to his clients the the most updated property and market analysis for their investments. Long takes pride in his achievements and finds enjoyment with all of his clients to provide a selling or puchasing experience unsurpassed by any other agent.


(Camilla)Thi C.Thao LA

Property Officer

Licence No. 03119515

Mob: 0434 288 480

About (Camilla)Thi C.Thao                   Experience in Real Estate has taught Camilla the value of clear communication and prides herself in keeping clients fully informed. Her strong organisation skills, honest, ethical and professional approach to the industry allows her to stay in control of a busy role and ensure all potential tenants enjoy a seamless experience when searching for a home.                                 She endeavours to deliver the highest care and attention to every single property.



(Sandra) Hoa Q Dinh
Sales Executive / Licensed Real Estate Agent

Licence No. 20096393


Mob: 0412 368 865

About (Sandra) Hoa Q
Sandra is Licensed Real Estate Agent, she has been in Real Estate since 2012. She is enthusiasm and desire to help people achieve the greatest milestones in life in purchasing or selling property. Sandra is listening then fined answers for each individual, assisting and providing solutions to her clients in real estate needs.





(Maria) TN Phuong Tran
Property Manager / Sales Representative

Licence No. 03326425

Mob: 0449 118 889

About Maria Phuong                                          

Maria strives to exceed expectations with exceptional communication skills and strong market knowledge. She ensures all her clients are informed and comfortable throughout their time with us, providing clients with high rental returns on their investments.

Maria has an eager approach to challenges faced each day, problem solving and meeting new people. She is committed to assist her clients through every step of leasing, management and sales process.




(Vince) Viet Thang Trieu

Sales Representative

Licence No. 03353606

Mob: 0414 508 768

About (Vince) Viet Thang
Vince is a highly motivated individual with strong & teamwork. He is willing to learn to succeed in the Real Estate Industry.

Joined with our Sales Team at Prestons office, the most important to Vince is providing excellence service to ensure that his clients happy.